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What Does An "Online Campus Pastor" Actually Do? Ft. Olu Lawal from Shoreline City Church

July 31, 2023 Brady Sticker
ChurchCandy with Brady Sticker
What Does An "Online Campus Pastor" Actually Do? Ft. Olu Lawal from Shoreline City Church
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In this enlightening episode, your host Brady Sticker sits down with Olu Lawal, the online campus pastor of Shoreline City Church, to explore the intriguing world of online ministry and the significant role of an Online Campus Pastor.

Join the conversation as they delve into the question, "What is a campus pastor, and does my church need one?" Discover the fascinating journey of Shoreline City Church as they expanded their reach through multiple campuses, including the groundbreaking decision to embrace an online campus.

Throughout the interview, Olu Lawal shares valuable insights on building a thriving virtual community, emphasizing the importance of tailored online service experiences, and connecting with individuals beyond the church's local vicinity. Uncover the unique strategies employed to foster authentic relationships and create a sense of belonging among online attendees.

Learn about the distinct responsibilities of an Online Campus Pastor, which go beyond merely managing social media. Olu Lawal sheds light on the intentional efforts required to engage, disciple, and care for those virtually connected to the church, showcasing the profound impact online ministry can have on people's lives.

Addressing common concerns, the duo discusses the potential pitfalls of consumer Christianity and how the online campus strives to foster active participation and meaningful engagement. Discover how technology and the internet can be harnessed to reach an unlimited audience and inspire generous giving.

In conclusion, Brady and Olu encourage listeners to appreciate the value of local in-person churches while recognizing the incredible potential of online ministry to touch lives far beyond physical borders.

Whether you're a church leader exploring the idea of an online campus or a curious individual seeking to understand the digital evolution of ministry, this episode offers valuable insights that will inspire and inform. Tune in now to gain a fresh perspective on the world of online ministry and the vital role of Online Campus Pastors.

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