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Do This to Get New Church Guests

June 19, 2023 Brady Sticker
ChurchCandy with Brady Sticker
Do This to Get New Church Guests
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Join Brady Sticker in this Church Candy podcast episode as he delves deep into the world of leveraging Facebook Ads, Instagram Marketing, and implementing a powerful "Plan Your Visit" strategy to attract new guests to your church.

In this episode, Brady, an expert in church growth, shares valuable insights and practical tips on utilizing social media advertising to its fullest potential. Discover how to effectively target and engage potential guests using Facebook Ads, and learn the essential techniques to create compelling ad campaigns that resonate with individuals searching for spiritual connection.

Moreover, Brady explores the immense possibilities of Instagram Marketing for churches. He discusses the art of curating engaging content that showcases your church's values, activities, and community involvement, all while captivating both local residents and those seeking a spiritual community.

Additionally, the importance of the "Plan Your Visit" strategy cannot be overstated. Brady guides you through the process of creating an inclusive and welcoming experience for first-time visitors, ensuring they feel comfortable and embraced from the moment they step foot inside your church.

Whether you're a church leader, staff member, or volunteer, this audio podcast episode provides you with a wealth of practical knowledge and actionable steps to help your church expand its influence and attract new guests. Tune in and empower your community to thrive in the digital age.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of successful church growth through Facebook Ads, Instagram Marketing, and the implementation of a comprehensive "Plan Your Visit" strategy. Listen to this podcast episode now and equip your church with the tools to flourish and make a lasting impact.